Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Thank You for visiting our webpage.

KertasKami is owned by the two cousins (the two girls in black) who love handmade stuffs and decorations so much. KertasKami was found in December 2015. We are online based company from Malaysia or to be specific, Klang Valley Area.

We sell handmade cards, guestbook and other services which are just perfect for any events.

We started our business by doing some samples of handmade wedding cards only but unexpectedly, we were always being inspired by our customers’ valuable and interesting designs and ideas. Since then, we create our own signature of products and decorations which will leave an unforgettable memories.

On 3rd June 2016, KertasKami was registered under the name of NN KertasKami Resources,

Why NN? Because it is the initial of our names. (now you can guess our names! LOL)

It’s not easy to handle handmade stuffs. All you need is patience, not just creativity. You have to know that we’re so particular about the details and tidiness of our products because we’re responsible to make customers happy and to keep us satisfied too. Besides, we offer affordable prices but all you get is more than the prices! So, Hi! Let’s gives us the chance to enhance our creativity and to give the best service to you.

InshaAllah. Thank You.

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